Do you have an American Revolutionary War Patriot in your ancestry?


How Can I Join the Daughters of the American Revolution?

Where Do I Start?

Please email our chapter registrar for additional information on how you can become a member and to receive a genealogy worksheet.  Fill out the worksheet as completely as possible and either mail the sheet back to the registrar as an attachment or bring it with you to our next meeting.  Upon arrival at one of our chapter meetings, present it to one of our greeters who will introduce you to our registrar.  Our registrar will discuss your worksheet with you and provide you information about the application process.  While there, you will become acquainted with DAR and the Daughters of the Estahakee Chapter, NSDAR.

In addition to our monthly meetings, we have membership teas where new and prospective Daughters and other members get to know one another.  You and your fellow prospective Daughters will have the opportunity to learn more about the mission, activities, and benefits of DAR.  You will learn about how you can become a member and participate in this venerable but vibrant organization, whose members are dedicated to keeping alive the vision of our Founding Daughters.

You will discover while gathering the documentation for your membership application, the joy and inspiration of learning about your ancestors and family history.  Gather documentation starting with yourself, then work backward each generation to your Patriot.  With our assistance, we will guide you through each step of the application process and help you discover your connection with the birth and infancy of our Nation.